Stereotypical And Gender Analysis

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The Fine Line from Stereotypical and Reality

The society that we live in today where males and females are treated equal, has evolved over the years of liberal incorporation into the government. However, families, more specifically Mexican-American families, are still raising their children with conservative roles in which they believe in. The conservative ideology that the Latino families uphold also fit into stereotypical roles. Undoubtedly these stereotypical and conservative roles do not involve equality within gender. Men and women are expected to do different tasks within a married household. Moreover, because The son and daughters are given different roles, there are different expectations for both of them.

Mexican-American parents
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If men are capable of doing such a thing why is it still upheld in some of today 's Mexican-American families. Another stereotypical role for a Mexican-American mom is that they are expected to do laundry for all of the family, and purchase new clothes for all of the family when it has surpassed its wearing capacity. Surely, a man can do his own laundry, at one point in his life he must have at least done it, why can’t he continue doing it now? Moreover, The wives are the ones that take care of all of the family 's well being by setting doctor 's appointments, feeding healthy food to the children, and making sure they are kept up to par with vaccines and regular doctor and dentist check-ups. Also, The women is in charge of the kitchen from preparation of meals, all the way to clean-up. If the man is home and free of any duties, why can 't he help the wife with some of the tasks that come along with making dinner? Women have one of the hardest job as they have a lot of …show more content…
On the other hand, the sons should take after their fathers and be “the working man”. Being known so, he must do yard work, be hands on, and have a drive to do work. Now, when it comes to privileges between sexes, the daughters are put on a tighter leash than the sons. The sons are allowed to go out at an earlier age and stay out at a later hour than the daughters would be allowed to. However, this is only present in conservative Mexican- American families. The same couldn 't be said with more modern and liberal families that treat the offspring sexes equal. Which furthers point that some Mexican-American families are very stereotypical and conservative by not allowing their sons and daughters equal

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