Women: The Importance Of Oppression To Women

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Introduction to Women
Women are a proud gender who have fought hard and continue fighting for their rightful place in society throughout history. It is no argument that women today are treated much better than they have been in the past but that is not to say there are no lingering inequalities that affect women negatively everyday, even in western society.
Whilst law typically does not differ between genders, and in theory men and women are allowed to have mostly the same occupations there are still issues such as body rights, street safety, stereotypes, oppression, socially constructed expectations and more.
We have seen serious oppression towards females and an undeniable inequality amongst humans simply for their gender ranging from strict
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Many females today, rightfully, embrace their gender and associate their character accordingly. Being female is no longer typically seen in a negative light or something to be ashamed of, female empowerment is being accomplished more so daily through hard work by strong females in power.

Stereotypes are something that all genders are exposed to but females are almost always a larger victim to social views. From female body expectations to gender roles society 's ‘ideal’ woman has been carved through years of oppression. While many gender associations have been dimmed over the years many still stand, women are subject to ideologies which are harmful both physically and psychologically.

For instance body image is something almost every woman is concerned about at some point in their life and it’s no secret where they are exposed to this. The media, specifically hollywood, promote women in a light that generally depicts them as thin, busty, and ultimately unrealistic. Women often see this and are discouraged about their own look and feel that they need to have this materialistic look just to be considered attractive, this way of thinking can be toxic to a young person’s mind and is often the cause of mental health problems in
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In retrospect I now have a better understanding how the male and female views towards feminism or female issues differ, because one gender is facing these issues personally whilst the other is simply observing. As a result of this women are on average more engaged in resolving this issue than men.
After much investigation and primary data collection through questionnaires I can now confidently answer my question,
‘Do women in the West share complete equality with men?’.
My answer is no. Women, while arguably the closest they have ever been in modern history, do not share complete equality with men in the west. I answer this because, while laws have changed and it is now hypothetically possible for women to do the same things as a man, society has not caught up yet. Women are still harassed, oppressed, and discriminated against in many walks of life simply because of their gender. Until this is all resolved, you cannot indisputably say women share complete equality with

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