Positive Stereotypes Are Hurtful Too Analysis

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In America, there are different cultures, religious, and languages in our community, and these elements form diversity. Having varies of diversity bring colors into our community, but it also create conflict within different groups. In Grace Hsiang’s essay ““FOBs” VS. “TWINKIES”: The New Discrimination Is Interracial”, the author discusses about the cultural conflict within the same ethnicity, and she points out people can avoid internal discrimination by recognizing there are two cultures. In Hailey Yook’s essay “Positive Sterotypes Are Hurtful, Too”, author writes about the harmful of judging others based on their ethnic stereotype. A lot of people think Asians are intelligent, and the author points out this “positive stereotype” can be harmful …show more content…
As it is mentioned in Hsiang’s essay, Asian discriminate against each other within the same culture because they do not recognize that two diversity can be existed within the same culture. In fact, many of these people are from immigrant families, and they are frustrated because they face pressure from their and their community. “Many of us very much want to belong to our parents’ community, but we cannot completely embody one culture when we are living in anther. The pressures we face force many of us to feel we must choose one culture over another. We can either cling to our parents’ ideology, or rebel against it and try to be “American.”(FOBs VS. TWINKIES p.19-23). Parents of second generation of Asian American should let their children understand that they live in this country is a privilege, but they should not make pressure on children and force them to choose one culture over and discriminate toward another. It is similar in Hook’s essay, there is a lot of smart Asian, and it no doubt make people think that Asians are smart. However, this positive stereotype makes Asian students feel stressful, and it is not fair for them because it may neglect their own afford. One of my friends told me, when every time he got a good score on math test, his friends and family would not praise him, but they thought it is normal for an Asian student to get the good score on every subject. In fact, this made him felt stressful and depressed too because his effort on studying was neglect and he worried that he could not get a good on next test. A lot of time, this phenomenon makes a lot of students want to choose with other culture because they do not like the current culture they are

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