How Does Inequality Affect The Society In To Kill A Mockingbird

Maycomb, Alabama. A place that still discriminates against colored people, no matter what the case is. In Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird, Scout, Jem, and Atticus go through a long journey, learning multiple rudimentary lessons along the way. Scout, the narrarator, is a young girl who is trying to understand what life is like in a racist society and seeing the effects that it has on the colored people in their society. Harper Lee shows in her novel To Kill A Mockingbird how inequality, prejudice, and racism ruin society.

First, inequality creates an unfair society. Scout does not quite understand why colored people do not have a fair chance in Maycomb, but learns that colored people have worse living accomodations than everybody else.
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Racism. prejudice, and inequality destroy society by the ways that they treat people who are colored horribly and treat them as if they are less than them. These three examples collaborate to destroy society.In a normal and uncorrupt society, everybody is treated equally. This is important because this still happens in real life, colored people and people of different races do not get as good of opportunites. Racism is not gone completely, the worsts parts of it are, but not all of it. Prejudice is still here as well. We first meet a person or even hear about a person and we already know what we think of them. Your parents might tell you at your first interview that you have to make a good impression, which is right, but we should be able to have multiple impressions of people. Lastly, inequality is definitely still around. If you have a different skin color, it is possible that you will not get paid as well, or even get the same job. Inequality was not okay when people were racist and hated colored people, but we are a long way away from that time period. There was never a scrupulous reason to hate colored people, and there never will be. Racism, prejudice, and inequality need to end. Racism, prejudice, and inequality each play a role in destroying a society and needs to be

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