Stereotypes, Prejudice, And Discrimination Essay example

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Stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination has been a core topic in social psychological research in an attempt to understand the origins of biases and impact on groups and individuals (Dagner & Dalege, 2013). The terms prejudice, discrimination, and stereotype, are often used mutually in daily dialogue. Stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination are biases that contribute to the creation of social inequality in the society (Fiske, 2008). Most often people are biased against other individuals outside of their social connection, displaying stereotypical behaviors, showing prejudice and discrimination. Formerly, individuals are more explicit with their biases, however during the 20th century, it has become less socially acceptable to exhibit bias, prejudice, and discrimination.
The argument stands that new stereotypes are seldom created, they tend to be recycled from groups that have been adapted into the community and reused to describe newly subordinate groups (Schmader, Block & Lickel, 2015). Hence avoiding stereotyping can be a challenging and daunting task for an individual as the effort is made to abstain from engaging in the stereotypical behavior. Stereotypes are natural characteristics of human cognitive processing. Also, Stereotypes are distorted and generalized ideas about a group of people based on race, age, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation without considering individual differences. Hence, it is notably argued that stereotypic behaviors are inevitable…

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