Research Paper On Social Class

Hispanics, Whites, African-Americans, Asians, Native Hawaiian. Male or Female. No matter what race, sex, or gender an individual is, a stereotypical class can be determined by these factors. Males are more commonly known to be of higher rank in jobs than women and whites are stereotypically of higher class than other races in the United States. Males also get paid more than women in the working world. This would mean that white males are commonly wealthier and of higher class than a hispanic woman, despite her job. Social class is a concept that is ascribed and achieved. It can be determined by a person’s family background, their community, education in grade school, and the new community of college. A person’s family background is most commonly …show more content…
People also put away more and more money for retirement, which will help their social status in the long run. The town I live in, New Hampton, is mainly made up of middle class people. There are some lower class and some upper class. Most people have jobs that require a secondary education degree. The majority of neighborhoods are well kept-up and neat looking, with some very rich neighborhoods and some trailer parks. Where you live in a community is all based on what social class you belong to. The social class of a person is based on their economic status. The three levels are lower/working class, middle class, and upper class. These levels are also known as social stratification. It would be very uncommon to see a person in poverty living in a million dollar mansion off in the woods, or a millionaire to be living in a trailer park in the middle of town. While New Hampton has around two millionaires who are unknown to surrounding towns, we had a well known homeless person named “Iowa Blackie”. He was known to be homeless, but with the dream to become a railroad worker. New Hampton is a small town consisting of about 3,500 people. It surprisingly is not the smallest town in the area however. There are multiple towns surrounding New Hampton that are smaller and also contain mostly middle class people who are farmers. Even though there’s mostly small towns around us, there are a few larger ones as well. Waverly and Decorah are within 45 minutes from New Hampton and are both college towns. As a result of them being college towns, the only additional difference is the fact that the two towns have more opportunities for entertainment or business jobs. In New Hampton, there is no Walmart or Target, we have a Shopko, Dollar General, and a Fareway. For entertainment, all we have is a bowling alley and a

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