Rape Culture Analysis

Often, we discuss rape culture as women being victims and men being the perpetrators. Although we place a negative stigma on women victims with our chose of words, we hardly recognize the men victims of rape. The rhetoric of the rape culture is primarily about women; how she is treated, how she makes an accusation, and how she “got” rape. Putting all the responsibility and repercussion on her, yet we never hear about men. As though men doesn’t exist in this culture; nevertheless when discussing men as victims of sexual assault few people in my generation and many prior to my generation, squints their face at the sound of the idea. Though both genders are, unfortunately, part of this culture as victims and perpetrators. Statistically, women …show more content…
I would find articles that say men rape victims but the majority of the time the articles discusses women. In Carol Andrew Castro article, they primarily discussed women victims of sexual assault in the military. Although the description for the article discussed male victims of sexual assault the article only had one section about male victims. It was irritating to see the lack of information about men victims. Often times when there is an article that pertains to men victims the article is usually fluffed with women sexual assault experiences instead. Another example of this is in an article titled “Evaluation of Rape Victim by Men and Women with High and Low Belief in a Just World,” (Klenke and Clarke, 1). I assumed that this article would be about sexual assault victims of men and women. However, the article discussed how women felt about their experience of being sexually assaulted. They also discussed why rapist rape by setting up interviews with the rapist. In the article, the rapist were predominantly men. The significance of acknowledging the way articles uses information about women sexual assaults shows how little we know about men sexual assault victims. It all shows how a little we care about finding the accurate number of how many men are sexually assaulted in a year. Researcher on raps culture should start asking questions on how to get men to report their rape cases, or how to get valuable information from institutions that have high sexual assault reports. The information is there about men sexual assault victims; so many articles suggest that many men rape cases goes unreported. Yet, researchers and scholarly articles continue to explain rape culture as women victims, even the article that is subjective to men sexual assaults. It is important to start asking why there isn’t enough data about men rape rather than thinking it simply doesn’t

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