Stereotypes Of Gender And Sexuality Essay

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Stereotypes of gender and sexuality can be strictly seen in American television shows such as: The Family guy, The Simpsons, The Rescue Heroes and many more. Even though all the shows guarantees for entertainment and keeps our thoughts from our day to day stressful activities for a moment; nonetheless, it also occupies our bran and shatters our thinking hat which we then fail to see the extreme gender and sexual stereotypes depicted throughout the series.
The show I have chosen to focus and pin points the stereotypic act is from “The Rescue Heroes and The Family guy.” The first series is about a group of males who travels around the nations rescuing lives from both natural and man-made artificial disasters. Further, it teaches the people proper safety techniques and how to deal with various problems/troubles that they might face during their day to day life. For example, what to do if fire danger occurs expectedly and so on. At the end of the episode, the Rescue Heroes would provide the safety precaution tips and describe how to control the conflict presented in that particular episode.
In the television show, The Rescue Heroes, it depicts many gender stereotypes discussed in the feminist analysis chapter: active/passive, public/private, logical/emotional very prominently throughout the entire episodes. In the show, majority of the cast crew are males and only two female agents. In this show, males are made/portrayed as big and tall muscular figures, whereas the females…

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