Stereotypes Of Courtship In Disney's Beauty And The Beast

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I feel that, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast can be seen as a very genuine and accurate depiction of the societies stereotypes about courtship and mating. The male characters in the film/story embody all typical masculine characters (both negative and positive), in terms of chivalry, strength, urge to protect women, need for control and power. However, the theme of “unworthy of love” also seems prominent in the story, this spins stereotypes because it is the beast that is protected and sheltered, who feels he is unworthy of love; rather than the usual damsel in distress scenario.

First of all, one of the main stereotypical display of courtship is seen when Gaston refuses to back down, even after belle has says no to his proposal several times.
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Belles’ influence makes the beast “worthy of society” as she takes his rough masculine edges and smooth’s them over by adding a touch of femininity, to make a balanced person. This displays the basic societal stereotype of a man in a rut, who then meets some woman that “fixes” the man, in turn together (gradually) they are able to help each other reach emotional stability, worthy of empathy and societally acceptable. Additionally, this also challenges the societal views on the topic of “damsel in distress”, because contrary to the scenario mentioned earlier, a lot of stories surround a woman in peril and in need of immediate saving. Whereas, in Beauty and the Beast it is the women that does the saving, and restores peace (at least in the beasts world).

In conclusion, Disney’s beaut and the beast is the perfect embodiment of both societal stereotypes on courtship & mating, and the lack thereof. The male characters a re extremely masculine, and the females extremely feminine. The “unworthiness” of love a prominent theme in the story as well,

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