Stereotypes Of African American Women Essay

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Reading these articles supported the idea that stereotypes influence the development of identity for African American women. In developing social identity, the identity developed because of membership to a group is crucial in developing identity to one’s self (Thomas, Hacker, and Hoxka 530). As shown in Bany, Robnett, and Feliciano’s article, the stereotypes depict African American women as obese, highly sexual, and highly talkative to name a few stereotypes (Bany, Robnett, and Feliciano 203). By having such stereotypes shows how African American women are forced to face these stereotypes in trying to find out who they are as individuals and have to come to terms with these stereotypes’ existent. Not only was reading these articles an enlightening insight to how stereotypes affect people in such a negative way, but to see the extent in which it impacted African American women in such a way made the entire experience much more meaningful. African American women have their identities determined by their environment, personality, and all that they are exposed to. Identity is crucial for the development of every person. With such negative stereotypes influencing these identities, young African American are forced to deal with the consequences of these stereotypes taking place.
Stereotypes can have negative effects on people everywhere. Race and gender stereotypes can especially help form opinions and biases for societal norms. For African American women, these stereotypes can…

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