Essay on Stereotypes Of African American Women

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Stereotypes play a vital role in today’s society, particularly in the misinformation of images. According to Webster’s dictionary, stereotyping is defined as a permanent conventional notion or conception of an individual group of people. Stereotypes form when a person makes a perception of a whole culture or a gender inside of a culture based on the actions, appearance, and beliefs of one person. Stereotypes can be both negative and positive. However, in the media, they use stereotypes to misrepresent, but are highly accepted among people in society. Although Scandal is a high-rating television show many people love, it portrays African American women in a negative light. This essay is not meant to downplay African American screenwriter Shonda Rhimes, but it is meant to focus on the character Kerry Washington plays, comprehend the character, and to see if it reinforces the image stereotype of African American women and their success. Her character in this television drama can both challenge and reinforce the stereotypes of African American Political women. Hammonds (1995) argues that the world’s preoccupation with African American women’s sexuality began when Europeans’ made initial contact with the African continent. According to an article on The Effects of Black Sexual Stereotypes on Sexual Decision Making Among African American Women, enslaved Africans were labeled ‘savage’ and ‘primitive’, which justified the idea that they could not control their own bodies, and…

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