Stereotypes In The Workplace

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Stereotyping is something generally done everywhere we go, it affects the way we choose careers and how we act in a workplace. We stereotype everything we do and everyone one we meet consciously and unconsciously. This is based on our growing understanding of life, attributes, categories, and roles in society; everything affects the way we perceive people, our environment and actions. We may not want it to affect how we choose what to do but it does (Igbo, Onu, & Obiyo, 2015). As a human race we stereotype, it may not be a conscious decision but it happens. We stereotype based on a belief that a member of a group, or a group itself needs to possess certain qualities. (Correll, 2006) Mark Salter, an adult psychiatric consultant, says that stereotypes …show more content…
As we move up and become juniors and seniors in college, we decide where we want to go or what we want to do with the degrees we will be getting. After at least 2 years of college we have the skill sets we needed to do the job. But that’s not enough to convince ourselves, as humans we want to believe that we need to be great at a skill in order for the job to get done. As is human nature, we need reassurance that we are good enough, competent enough, skilled enough to complete the requirements. Oxford university did a study in which they asked 4,000 sixth form girls, or girls in the United Kingdom that are in their 12th and 13th year of schooling, on how they were limiting their careers.
“Our latest research has confirmed that gender-based differences in career confidence start early. Sixth form girls have lower confidence about their careers and, compared with boys, are more concerned about each aspect of a job application and are more interested in careers, that offer good job security, in a cause they ‘feel good about’.” (Espinoza,

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