Stereotypes In The Social Animal By Elliot Aronson

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The movie “To Kill a Mocking bird” started very interesting. It already started with a stereotype, as the book would describe called “The Social Animal” by Elliot Aronson on page 309. The three children in the movie pointed out there was a crazy guy who was walking around in their neighborhood. He was basically judged, based on his looks. He had scars on his face and his teeth were yellow. There was other reasons why he been called crazy. It seemed the whole neighborhood treated him as the crazy guy. I think this was the first stereotype made in the movie but was not the only one. It seems interesting how children pick up on stereotyping at such a young age. This shows that children learn things from adults by hearing it from them. …show more content…
The town had certain hatred towards the African American community in general. They did not only hate African Americans but anyone who tried to help him or her. The lawyer was trying to defend the innocent African American man. Mr. Mule claims the African American man raped his daughter but wasn’t true.
The lawyer and his family were getting harassed from the town. The town did not like how the lawyer was helping the African American man. Mr. Mule even spit in the lawyer face. Before the big day of the case, a group of men went to the African American man house and wanted to beat him up. However, the lawyer daughter saved him. It’s not only an African American community getting attacked but also anyone who was helping them. The town felt the lawyer wasn’t on their side. They felt betrayed by the lawyer actions. Mr. Mule even attacked the lawyer children as well. Apparently, everyone thought Boo Bradley was crazy but he saved the children. It’s like teaching everyone a lesson that people shouldn’t judge one another. He or she might look weird or crazy but its not always like that. Most people have a good and kind

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