Stereotypes In Freedom Writers

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Have you ever been stereotyped, if so how did you feel? In America, it is typical for students and the educational system to be stereotyped. The stereotypes can often affect the students ' education. In the movie, Freedom Writers, teachers and administration have given up on students that they perceive as “trouble,” except Mrs. Gruwell. She wants to prove regardless of stereotypes, everyone can still learn and have the same opportunity in education. Freedom Writers explores the stereotypes that the American education is built on the idea that schools will never change their policies, female teachers are meek, and the perception that the lower social economic class is unruly and incapable of learning.
The movie Freedom Writers supports the stereotype
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Students view female teachers as “push overs”, and they like to try to manipulate them. In Freedom Writers, this is not the case. Mrs. Gruwell steps into room 203 with confidence. Despite the disrespect, the attitude, the riots, and the violence she witnesses the first couple of days, she stands strong and refuses to back down. She is constantly in the principal’s and super intendant’s office refusing to take no for an answer. Female teachers are perceived to relinquish control of their classrooms when students and administration provoke stress and hardship. In actuality, female teachers stand up for themselves and their students. Mrs. Gruwell strength is evident in her perseverance of educating “her” students. She is a prime example of a female teacher that is bold and defends her …show more content…
The film Freedom Writers examines the stereotypes of rigid traditions, timid teachers, and unteachable students in the American educational system. In America’s primary and secondary education, there has not been a significant change in the schooling students receive. In general, female teachers are still not considered as strong as their male colleagues. However, there is hope for “all” students to learn if given the opportunity. As Miep Gies, the woman who hides Anne Frank, said, “Some may move faster than others, but you all have the chance”

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