Stereotypes In Disney Movies

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In the media, minority groups tend to be given film roles that are more restrictive and represent wide-spread, false beliefs. These stereotypes are harmful to minority groups because it only advocates further for the misrepresentation and allows people to continue viewing minority groups in a restrictive fashion. Animation films targeted towards children are not free from stereotypes and general representations of race and ethnicities. Disney movies such as Pocahontas and The Hunchback of Notre Dame display common negative stereotypes given to cartoon characters. In Pocahontas, the Native American tribe is repeatedly referred to as savages. The English believed they needed to improve their lives and change their ways. This stereotype has existed since the first interaction of Europeans and Native Americans. Pocahontas and the Powhatan tribe are dehumanized by the English settlers, who are characterized as civil, though greedy, in comparison. The reference to the reddened skin of the tribe as a reason to go to war is one of the more common stereotypes associated with Native Americans. The Hunchback of Notre Dame depicts the Romani people living in France as outcasts of society, forced to live in hiding. The term "gypsy" is used throughout the film which is a derogatory and ethnic slur used normally to refer to the Romani people as …show more content…
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