Stereotypes, Gender, And Stereotypes Essay

1267 Words Nov 27th, 2016 6 Pages
When someone asks the average person about a surgeon, mechanic or a drill sergeant from the military, more likely than not they will instantaneously picture a man as one of those. For years we have held stereotypes about ethnicity, gender, age and so on and believe in most of them due to being a traditional belief for centuries. There have been IAT tests about hidden biases done by multiple scientist/professors to reveal to people about their biases and stereotypes that they may have not of realized, some being a test about racism and sexism. One of the stereotypes that I wish to focus on is the thought of Male = Career. When it comes to careers everyone has stereotypical gender associations to specific career positions and even to this day we hold those traditional thoughts.

The best example to show about gender biases is to show a riddle that made me realized the prevalence of this even now. A father and son got into a car crash. The father died on impact and the son is rushed to the hospital. At the hospital, the surgeon came to the child and said “I cannot operate on this child, this is my son”. How is this possible? Hearing everyone else’s answers alongside what I thought showed me how much this stereotype resides in us. I’ve heard answers of the surgeon being a minister from a church, the surgeon is the gay partner of the other, or that somehow it was a dream, but the most sensible answer was not mentioned. If you have not gotten it yet, the answer is that the…

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