Stereotypes Are Dangerous Essay

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Stereotypes are dangerous and a big problem in our society. It puts labels on people and how they should live and act according to their race. A lot of people giving labels to anther just for jokes and that harmful and lead to discrimination between people. In addition, this stereotype are creating problems in kids in many ways. So the labels are destructive because it is effecting on kids and the way that they grow and it is more racialism. The negative stereotypes is creating problems and confusion in kids because they are growing up thinking that they should be one way because of the society and thinking they can give people names or labels. Also, the children can be suffered by this unfair label and could be effected in their personality and confidence in their selves. Similar to the reading 2, paragraph 10 “Just recently some Asian boys in my neighborhood were attacked by a group of young white boys who called themselves the Master Race.” So, in this example she explains whom that labels made the boys fight and how it is dangerous. For example, in my country we use labels on people for jokes, like the people give the label “eggplant” on who have black or dark skin, we know that harmful but I think we grow on wrong way. …show more content…
According in reading 2, paragraph 9 “Therefore many people develop harmful stereotypes of entire races. The truth is, we label people before we even know them. And unfortunately, labels learned at a young age later grow into more serious acts of racism.” In this reading the author explains how the labels lead to racialism and make groups of people less socially to others. For example, here, in the U.S. we can see people act like their race and they more socially to the same group, but less to the different group or culture, like the Iraqis people more community with each other and sometimes act as racial to other

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