Anime And Gangsta Rap Analysis

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Many would oppose to the idea that Anime and Gangsta Rap are the same. The opposition’s stance can come from various viewpoints. It can be argued that Anime and Gangsta rap are not only different but nowhere close to being the same. Many arguments can branch out from this common thought. For example, it can be said that one is music and the other is visual entertainment. Or even it could be argued that none of the characters in Anime are closely related to realism like Gangsta Rap is; and though that isn’t a complete truth, it could be argued. Either of these arguments are in some sense valid. The biggest and most important argument against Anime and Gangsta Rap being the same is that the outcome of the two are different. To clarify, if Gangsta …show more content…
Anime as well shares these three concepts to entertain their audiences as well. Anime uses: stereotypes in order to portray specific types of people in their art; fantasy to visually entertain the audience; and lastly the slice of life genre, of the many genres it has, Anime artist use slice of life to not only entertain the audience but to also relate to the audience as well. Making both Gangsta Rap and Anime two types of Impactful Art. Because Anime and Gangsta rap share these key traits, that heavily define them, they are the same. Despite the differences between Gangsta Rap and Anime, there is still a lot of commonality between the two. They are two sides of a coin, enacting different responses from society based on cultural ideals and education. Both Gangsta Rap and Anime have uses of stereotypes that affect the perceptions of certain people. To add, they both also use aspects of Fantasy and Realism to entertain their audiences. Both ignite creativity, and a following of the youth in both countries. Both make impacts and connect to their audiences using the three concepts Stereotypes, Fantasy, and

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