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1.1 Introduction
In this chapter, we will first illustrate the research background that consists the status quo of Internet users and the existed psychological differences between genders. After that follows the problem discussion, indicating the importance of getting acknowledge of consumer decision-making profiles.
1.2 Background
1.2.1 Status quo of Internet users
Since last century, Information Technology Revolution has gradually penetrated the whole world. In the latest report (2016) of the China Internet Network Information Center, known as CNNIC, the number of Internet users in China has already reached 688 million, accounting for 50.3% of Chinese population. E-commerce is closely related with Internet users. The number of online payment users increases by 36.8%, arriving at nearly 416 million. Along with the increases
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However majority researches adopted CSI Likert-scale to focus on the cross-culture comparison or cross-generation comparison rather than implemented in one specific sector. In this research, the original CSI Likert-scaled questionnaires will be adapted into online apparel shopping sector. The final results will be used to analyze whether gender has impacts on consumer decision-making styles or not.

1.3. Research purpose
Thereupon, our study endeavors first to test the generalizability of the consumer styles inventory (CSI) in certain market sector. Furthermore, the study attempts to identify the decision-making styles of Chinese male and female consumers and finally provides the effective marketing suggestions.

1.4 Dissertation

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