Essay Stereotypes And Stereotypes : The Amazing Thing About Movies

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At times, many of us are unaware of when stereotypes become our perspective. A lot of the times we do things without a thought. We can stereotype people without even noticing that we are doing it. Stereotypes can be presented to us in a statement or a movie, and we may not even notice it is being presented to us. We tend to take ideas as they are, without really using our critical thinking skills. A big part of this country is movies. When movies first came out, everyone wanted to go to the theater. The amazing thing about movies is that you can get so caught up in the story that you feel like you are in the story. You begin to mirror yourself with the character. When you leave the theater, it may be hard to separate yourself from that character. You share the same ideas and act like the character. While people are so caught up in this idea of this marvelous character, they do not see all the bad that character is doing. They do not notice they are raping women, killing homosexuals, or keeping other people as slaves. As an audience, we began to justify this wrongdoing as necessary. This outstanding character has not committed bad acts just to do it. There must be a reason. Once we step back and look at everything that is going, we can begin to see everything that is wrong with the character’s or the story’s morals. In the beginning of film, many people were trying to master it. People were trying new angles, set ideas and coming up with stories. This required the work of…

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