Stereotypes And Stereotypes Of Women Essay

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Women play many different characters in movies and television shows. Although these actors may play different characters, more times than not they fit into an obtuse gender stereotype for women. This form of stereotyping has a direct feedback into our culture. Whether it is a young girl or an older women, each are greatly influenced by what they watch on television. This is normal for a man as well, when you see someone you like or look up to it is natural to follow their footsteps. By seeing a women on television or in a movie with a perfect frame tends to have women feeling like they need to mimic that look. The same can go for hair color, style, a shirt, or even the jeans that a character wears. By looking at Claire Dumphy from Modern Family, Elaine Benes from Seinfeld, and Olivia Pope from Scandal you can tell where they fit into the stereotypical women role or if they are on a different path. The truth is that they mix and match one may have some traits that make them seam one way, but at the same time have a different trait that goes against the proverbial grain. Women in movies have the power to influence those who watch them. Often times a young female may want to copy characters looks, and in worse cases mimicking certain behaviors and mannerisms. A male may have to deal with one or some of the females in his life doing the same thing. Taking on an actor’s personality can be beneficial to some youths, creating confidence needed to have healthy social and personal…

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