Stereotypes And Stereotypes Of Women Essay

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Here in the twenty-first century, we have many gender stereotypes that penetrate our societies. Some of these are not always experienced by everyone, yet the fact remains that they still exist. These modern perspectives are obviously not the same as ancient Israel, but we as the reader oftentimes read modern gender stereotypes into the Scripture. It is important to examine the text closely in order to observe how these labels may be reinforced or broken. 2 Samuel 13 is a story that deals with many gender stereotypes throughout. Each character follows, bends, or breaks stereotypes in their own unique ways. However, in order to understand this, gender stereotypes must be defined. The Dictionary of Sociology defines gender stereotypes as “one-sided and exaggerated images of men and women which are deployed repeatedly in everyday life” (Encyclopedia). Health Guidance lists many of these stereotypes that people believe. They report that women have been and are overall considered the weaker gender. Some of these beliefs are that women are and should be quieter, are weaker than men, should be pretty, submissive, emotional, not technically or mechanically inclined, have the clean jobs, and should stay in the home. Men, on the other hand, are considered aggressive, athletic, leaders, not responsible for housework, tough and don’t cry, and enjoy outdoor activities (Brewer). These gender stereotypes create roles and inequality. Although different in many ways, men were dominant in…

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