Stereotypes And Stereotypes Of The Super Bowl Advertising Essay

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Blinded to Stereotypes
Stereotyping has become an almost societal norm. Everything we see when we go somewhere has advertising involved in it somehow. Advertising companies have made a lot of money off of stereotyping in their ads. Many ads today are focused on certain categories, a big category being gender. They create stereotypes to make their product seem better to a certain gender.
We see advertising everyday in our lives. One of the biggest ad venues is during the NFL Super Bowl. Companies spend $4 million for only 30 seconds of advertising and $8 million for 60 seconds during the Super Bowl. Over the years people have started to watch the Super Bowl just for the ads. This wouldn’t be a problem if so many of these ads weren 't stereotyping gender. During the Super Bowl companies such as GoDaddy and Teleflora make ads that are sexually offensive. GoDaddy seems to make an appearance in a Super Bowl ad almost every year, but in reality the ads we see are more than likely the edited version. GoDaddy is famous for making ads that have to be revised or even remade all together before it can be aired on television. Society finds some of these ads as funny and sometimes sexy, when these ads are just offensive. GoDaddy is an online domain seller, which means it is a place to buy online domain names. The company likes to make controversial ads, and sometimes these ads have very sexually biased content. One ad they put out, talked about how there is two sides of GoDaddy.…

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