Stereotypes And Stereotypes Of Stereotypes Essay

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What is a stereotype? The definition of a stereotype is a commonly known public belief about a certain social group or a type of individual. Most of the time stereotypes are engendered about people or a concrete culture. Virtually every culture has a stereotype. However, they are not just based on culture, race, and different backgrounds. There are also gender stereotypes, sexual orientation stereotypes, and group stereotypes. Stereotypes in general are hurtful and can be degrading at times. Stereotypes could be classified under bullying in some cases. It could start from childhood and enter into adulthood. Many people come across stereotypes every single day. For some it is nothing but a false “public belief”, for others it could be a serious insult. From my experiences, being classified under a stereotype is very infuriating. I was born and raised in sunny California with a Russian family. Being Jewish too, I learned there are many stereotypes that come with being Russian and Jewish. Both Russian stereotypes and Jewish stereotypes bother and offend me equally. In the essay “The Myth of the Latin Woman: I Just Met a Girl Named Maria,” by Judith Ortiz Cofer, Cofer uses stereotypes, this being one specific example” Hispanic woman are known as the “Hot Tamale” or “sexual firebrand.” (para.7) Some Russian stereotypes that I have heard many times before are predicated on the fact that people who are Russian love imbibing vodka. Others may include, Russian women spend all…

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