Essay on Stereotypes And Stereotypes Of African Americans

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African American or black, a race described as a minority, viewed as a lower rank race. The first remark of African Americans facing discrimination began in 1614 when slave trade became global, which was reinforced with the Jim Crow laws. These events played a significant role in how the Black race is represented today. In today’s world, with the help of stereotypes and media, the negative image is being promoted .Stereotypes are used to characterized a group of people. However , they put them in classification , believing that everyone within that group is alike. This way a majority of African Americans , including myself have felt or feel that they are these stereotypes, or anyone who acts like their classification is one. This changes a person’s perspective in life about themselves. Stereotypes are impacting the daily lives of African Americans easily with help from different forms of media.

The general and common stereotypes of an African American is that they are criminals and uneducated human beings, which are mostly promoted by the media. This is visible in everyday media such as music videos, films, the news, and social networking sites. When it comes to film making and music videos the black race is usually imaged as poor, low class, and in conflict with the law. On the other hand, other races such as the white race are rich, high or upper class and a positive character in plot. These are the assumptions and expectations of the influence that the media carries.…

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