Stereotypes And Prejudices Of The American Society Essay

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Stereotypes and Prejudices Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying, “Justice will no be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are”. Discrimination based on gender, race, and age continue to haunt American society. Discrimination is most often caused by a stereotype, general impression, and prejudice, an unjustified or incorrect attitude about a group of people” (Bojanic & Nedic, 2015, p.487). Investigating these three areas, in terms of stereotypes and prejudices, suggests these forces will continue, and become more prevalent in the future.
Ageism is the discrimination or prejudice of a people group based on their age (Macionis, 2015). The typical older adult is thought to be less physically attractive, less mentally competent, with decreased physical abilities. For example, in the workplace, older employees are thought to less competent than their younger counterparts because of their decreased cognitive ability (Nelson, 2004). A study conducted in the United Kingdom revealed that older adults viewed businesses and the media uninterested in them as a consumer (Bojanic & Nedic, 2015). Although we all age and will eventually end up in the “older adult” category, the fact that age category is varied and is difficult to specifically determine, ageism and age discrimination is challenging to address. Even with medical advances, anti-aging products, and continued study of the aging process, advancement of the well-being of the older adults…

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