Stereotypes And Discrimination Of African Americans

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All across the world there are many challenges being faced by different individuals whether it is dealing with race, social class, gender, religion, etc. Particularly, race plays a part in almost every opposition faced by minorities. A minority is defined as a small group that is a part of a larger group. One racial minority would be the African Americans. As an African American I can say that one of the most common challenges we face is being stereotyped. A stereotype is an image that a person puts onto an entire group based off their opinions of one person. “After conducting a survey from those ranging younger than 18 to older than 25 years of age, 51 percent of Americans believe that stereotypes exist (Stereotypes Survey Statistics).” Stereotyping …show more content…
Lawyers and doctors are careers that are believed to be predominately for the majority which are the Caucasian. During a hiring process for higher education jobs African Americans are more likely to be stereotyped. Some may believe that an African American candidate is less educated than a candidate who is considered a majority. “Employers also intentionally exclude African American males from senior level positions and positions where they have contact with the public because of perceived and actual consumer prejudice directed at African American males (Stereotypical Biases Adversely Impact the Employment of African American Males).” This can positively impact the employee because it can keep them from being furtherly stereotyped because of their race and this exact reason is also why it is negative. By the supervisor not advancing the African American male because he believes there will be prejudice acts is a form of stereotyping. The supervisor is not only stereotyping the employee but also the future customers. Racial stereotyping in career areas can be a cause for concern because it can trigger racist acts and discrimination which can lead to a possibility of the employee losing their job if they are not aware of who they really

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