Essay on Stereotypes and Athlete

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Shaylee Smith
Megan Montgomery
English 1113
17 October 2011

Jock stereotype Stereotypes are different thoughts that a variation of people hold about people who are different from them. A stereotype can be associated with a single word or slogan; such as nerd, or jock. Stereotypes can be expressed in either a negative or positive way. Most people apply stereotypes in a negative way to make them feel more superior over others. The category that most people would place me under would be the classification of an athlete or jock. The jock title that I have been placed under has been with me pretty much my entire life. I have played sports since I was four years old when I first started playing soccer and tee ball. From that moment on I
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The male like characteristics that female athletes possess are speed, strength and competiveness and if women produce those characteristics they are judged as a lesbian. I know most people think that most female athletes look manlier than other women. The cause of female athletes looking manlier is because when men and women work out they produce testosterone. The more testosterone a female produces is what gives her more manly characteristics; being an athlete call for you to work out and stay in the best physical shape. Another stereotype that comes along with jock is the stuck up or popular when really you are just a leader. At Commerce high school if you are a “jock” you pretty much have to succeed in everything you participate in. From the playing field to the class room and beyond at Commerce if you are an athlete you are the best. When you are from a small town you are just expect to be involved in everything. As a small town athlete, you participate in all the sports we have, and you are good at everything. You are involved in all the big clubs and organizations. More than likely you are the president or a high ranked officer in those clubs and organizations. As an athlete you are just a born leader, you step up when the time is needed and that is why you are such a good leader. This is why you are most likely the president of a club or a organizer of a school event. As an athlete you are put in key situations when there is a whole entire

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