Essay about Stereotype And Its Effect On The Older Adults

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Stereotype as a societal norm should be discouraged in our society, because it is a social menace. Although the phenomenon is insidious, the effects of stereotype to the well-being of the affected people or group are enormous, which can include poor health outcome, inadequate and delayed treatment for health issues. In the worst case scenario could result to death (Levy, Ashman,& Slade, 2009). This paper will define the concept of stereotype as a societal construct against the older adults. It will examine the negative effect of stereotype on the older adult in three specific areas. The effect of stereotype to access of jobs by the older population, using the Canadian health system, this paper will discuss the effect of stereotype to Access of health care by the older populations. Finally the effect of stereotype on the autonomy of the older persons will be examined.
Stereotype in a broad sense is a preformed opinion about people based on their looks, sex, race, age and culture (Miller, 2012). Ageism as a form of stereotype is systems of behavior, norms, and policies, prejudices which dehumanizes, restrict and discriminates against people because of their age (Daniel. J., Blauth. C., Mcerrin. D., Paul B. Perrin, 2011). In Canada, report shows that people look down on senior citizens (Menec, 2012). In a survey by CTV news, eight out of 10 Canadians believe that seniors age 75 and above are considered as less important and mostly ignored than the younger generation (Menec,…

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