Steps Toward Improving Physical Health Essay

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Obtaining physical, emotional, and social health is a goal that is constantly strived for. A goal that once obtained must be worked at to be maintained. By starting and diligently working at maintaining good habits I will be able to make myself healthier and happier in my daily life. This requires regular exercise, healthy eating habits, and a system of good coping mechanisms. Through some simple steps I will make myself into the person I deserve to be.
Get up and get moving. Steps toward Improving Physical Health My first step will be to become more physically active in my daily life. I already do some standard exercise when I take my dog, Jax for a walk or care for the other animals on the property. I do this by carrying 20 lb. bags of feed, carrying water canisters, and regular cleaning of coops and pens. Despite these chores, I find myself sitting for longer and longer periods of time when I get home from work every day. To make myself physically healthier, yours truly will be incorporating a workout schedule to mesh with my weekly and daily routine. I am going to start staying off of the couch for as long as possible instead of sitting down and ‘vegging out’ after a stressful day by incorporating yoga into my evening schedule on a daily basis. I am also going to make up a workout schedule that includes Pilates at least three times a week to help with the nerve damage in my left sciatic. My balance is adversely effected by the nerve damage, by doing yoga and Pilates I…

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