Essay on Stepping Back For A Social Work

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Stepping Back to Continue Forward A prominent feature of the social work profession is that it cares for its consumers as well as its professionals. As a social work student in my third year of BSW coursework, I have learned the importance of coming alongside consumers and coming alongside myself. Supporting myself means managing my personal triggers, biases, and burnout, which I handle by pausing to examine my journey and myself. Self-reflecting through quotes is one way I step back and look at my social work journey so I can improve in the future. I recently found an inspiring quote by the Catholic monk Thomas Merton who said, “Our job is to love others without stopping to inquire whether or not they are worthy.” I relate to this wisdom because it accurately portrays where I stand on integrating my personal and professional values. Throughout the semester, I have gained a renewed sense of how my multifaceted background may influence my professional work.
Who Am I? The first concept I wrote in my notes for this class was to get out of my value comfort zone for the benefit of my consumers. This prompted me to analyze what my comfort zone entails. Before starting this class, I knew my Christian faith was a cornerstone of my identity. Thus, I knew accepting some of the political and social stances of the social work profession, such as marriage equality, pro-choice, and gender identity, was going to be a struggle. However, this class has shown me I have more identities…

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