Stephen King 's ' The Tell Tale Heart ' Essay examples

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Being insane is good for you, everyone should try it sometimes. This may be an unpopular idea although Stephen King, well established horror fiction writer alludes to it in his article “Why we crave horror movies.” The article written in 1981 is King’s take on why people crave horror movies as well as pointing out that we are all mentally insane it just varies in degrees of insanity. Edgar Allen Poe’s writing, “The Tell-Tale Heart,” is a fiction story in which a man unaccepting of his insanity, kills an elderly man for the simple reason that the elderly mans eye bothered him. A clear notion can be draw from the two texts that Poe’s story is the perfect stuffing to hold down our inner insanity by feeding it and allowing it to be tamed. The reasons for that are the exposition of violence, the wild and instinctual actions and the resemblance to our common humanity.

King’s overall position in the article is that we are all mentally ill to some degree or another and that we need horror movies to tame our insanity. King opens with the very controversial statement, “I think that were all mentally ill.” (King 2) Clearly his goal is to captivate the audience with this almost humoristic idea that we are all mentally ill although it remains his main point throughout the text. He reinforced the odd idea with examples such as when he says, “We’ve all known people who talk to themselves, people who sometimes squinch their faces into horrible grimaces when they believe nobody is…

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