Creature From The Black Lagoon Stephen King Analysis

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Dark Ride It has become common today for people to dismiss Stephen King’s contribution to the horror genre. The standard way of thinking about horror has it that anything that has an R slapped on it upon hitting theaters is considered scary and more importantly off limits to children of young ages. Taking a kid to see the new Ouija movie would be frowned upon by a majority of society. At the same time that I strongly believe the social norm of keeping kids away from horror movies, I also believe that there are many movies out there that are not labeled as horror that contain horror like plots, which can in turn scar anyone for life. Stephen King presents the idea in Why We Crave Horror and Creature From The Black Lagoon, that each and every one of us have varying degrees of insanity, some people are just better at hiding it. An implication of King’s treatment of having awkward and creepy desires (to keep that crazy hidden) is to seek release through watching horror. Frankly this is not my …show more content…
By writing that “no matter how far we may be removed from beauty...we are still light years away from true ugliness”(645). Basically King is saying scary movies are easy for adults to watch because when we watch horror films such as Saw for example, we know that once the screen goes black everything in the horror film is over with. The outside world isn’t full of people trying to play sick games and test you to see if you actually can break your own body to save your life. I am of two minds about King 's ideals, on one hand, I agree that when a horror film ends, reality blankets over us when the lights come on. On the other hand, I’m not sure if we are still far from anything horrifying happening. Terrible events happen every day, all over the world, and horror movies that stick like Final Destination can have terrible effects on humans in the long

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