Essay about Stephen Jobs And The Other Richard Branson

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There are two major influential people that will be discussed thoroughly in this paper. One is Stephen Jobs and the other is Richard Branson. Both have accomplished incredible achievements in their lifetime. They both share an interesting path to success. To fully understand these peoples’ lives I will compare the two in depth. To begin, Stephen jobs at a young age was a normal kid who swam competitively, and had hobbies like electronics. He was known to spend lots of time in his neighbor’s garage since his neighbor worked at a computer company. Steve later in his life attended Homestead High School where he took his first electronic class. Then Steve started going to lectures after school at Hewlett-Packard Company, which was about computers. Steve was then hired at that same company. After Steve graduated high school in 1972, he began studying at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. However, after Steve’s first semester, he dropped out of college (Childhood). Steve dropped out of college so he wouldn’t have to take the classes that seemed pointless to him, and began taking calligraphy classes at Reed College. He started going to a group called the “Homebrew Computer Club”, which is a club for people who love electronics and creating gadgets. It was at this club that Steve met Steve Wozniak who later became co-founder of Apple Computer Company, Incorporated with Steve Jobs (Childhood). The two Steve’s started Apple by making kit computers called Apple I for building PC’s.…

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