Stephen Is A Poor Innocent Man As The Filmmakers Essay

1348 Words Apr 20th, 2016 null Page
I don’t believe that Stephen Avery is a poor innocent man as the filmmakers try to portray him as in this documentary. Some aspects of this case are a little sketchy, but believing that this whole incident is some big conspiracy is a little harder to believe than just believing Stephen Avery was able to get rid of some evidence from his home and garage. As you can tell from the documentary, there is a real biased towards Stephen Avery and they want to show him in the best light possible. It has worked for the most part so far because there are hundreds to thousands of people that cannot believe he was charged with the murder and many are going as far as petitioning for his release. I’ve got to admit if the evidence shown in the documentary was all that was shown in the court room there should have been no way he should have been convicted, but that’s not the case the filmmakers left out very important evidence that the prosecution presented. Whether or not he is guilty, this documentary presents some pretty big flaws in the law enforcement community.
First off I believe that his first case, when he was accused and convicted of rape and assault plays a major part in the uproar. People believe that because the law enforcement officers got it wrong and especially now that there is lawsuit against a couple officers they would try and set him up for this murder. Like we discussed in class there is no reason for the officers to be afraid because he would never see any of the…

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