Stephen G. Potts 's Looking For The Exit Door : Killing And Caring

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Stephen G. Potts, author, writes his article “Looking for the Exit Door: Killing and Caring in Modern Medicine” to show his readers the nine consequences that he believes will arise if euthanasia is institutionalized, or legal, in the United States. Potts’ style of writing is different most other philosophical writers in the sense that he backs up his opinion on euthanasia by explaining his nine consequences and further elaborating them by examining scenarios that are applicable to the real world. From reading Potts’ article it is easy to understand from a legality standpoint Potts believes that his nine bad consequences are bad enough to outweigh any good that may come from euthanasia, so it should not be institutionalized. Before reading this article I was a firm believer that euthanasia should absolutely be institutionalized, however, after reading and dissecting all of Potts’ many good points I began to question whether or not euthanasia really is beneficial. After careful thought and consideration, I would have to disagree with Potts’ simply because his consequences are too easily argued and even potentially pointless. The first of Potts’ nine consequences is if euthanasia is legalized the medical community will have a “reduced pressure to improve curative or symptomatic treatment.” This meaning that the scientific community will no longer feel pressured to quickly find the cure to many diseases like cancer and AIDs, for example. Potts even states that “if we accept…

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