Essay about Stephen Crowley 's Photo Shows President Obama On The Right

876 Words Nov 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
Stephen Crowley’s photo shows President Obama on the left and Pope Francis on the right. Obama is wearing a black suit with a white collar. While Pope Francis is wearing his white robe which is also known as his house dress. In between both of them there is a wooden chair. In the background there is the Washington Monument. To the left of the monument there appears to be a tree. Both President Obama and Pope Francis appear to be looking forward at something. It can be assumed that they are looking at the people who have gathered to hear both of these leaders speak. The picture represents leadership, strength and unity. This assumption can be made because both the Pope and the President are leaders that have respect and power in the area that they govern. It can also be seen as a unity because both of these very important leaders who have the same goal are together for the first time. The setting of this picture tells a few different stories, but they all come to the common idea of peace and leadership. The white from the Pope’s clothing represents peace and a simple life. While the dark suit that President Obama is wearing can represent authority and leadership. Both are important, but the two colors show where they came from. The background in the picture is blurred out, but is still clear enough to allow the viewer to see that this photo was taken in Washington DC near the Washington Monument. I believe that the background was blurred to draw the attention of the viewer…

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