Steph Curry Speech

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Today I am going to teach you how the NBA champion, NBA MVP, 2x all star, AP athlete of the year, Division one leading scoring in 2009, the ninth overall Draft Pick, the NBA three point champion, and the record holder for most threes in a season, Wardell (stephen) Curry (point guard) shoots and talk about his potential.

Curry’s three percentages is 43.7 He ranks 3rd in all time percentage since the NBA introduced the three point line in 1979. Steph Curry showed off at the All-star game warm-ups and was making threes with his left hand. Curry releases the ball within .3 seconds compared to average NBA release, which is .7 to 9. seconds isn’t even close. Steph can even dribble over 10 miles per hour. When he is shooting his forearm is within 5 degrees vertical. His release angle is 50
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Steph Curry has already made the All-star roster this year. He is predicted to win the league MVP this year and many other awards. His team this year 42 and 4 right now. They are on track to have the best NBA record ever and to win the NBA championship. The one team that is even close to them lost to them by 30 points. He is averaging about 30 points per game. When Steph Curry missed 2 games and the Warriors point decreased by a significant amount. They even lost one of the games he missed. Steph Curry has already hit 229 threes so far he is projected to hit 415 and shatter his own record.

Steph Curry is probably the best point Guard in the league. The only other point guards that you can compare him to right now is Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook. Steph Curry is rated the number one point guard in player efficiency rating according to the Hollinger stats. Steph Curry’s dribbling skills are incredible. Steph Curry is an all-around basketball player he can dribble, shoot, steal, make lay-ups, dunk, and more. Steph Curry is the best point guard in the NBA right

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