Step 5 : Offer Something Of Value Essays

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Step 5: Offer Something Of Value

This is a natural trick that kids use. They will offer to share their paint or show another kid how to do something, and it is a great tactic to make someone like you. Everyone wants to get something of value, and when they get it from someone else, a level of trust is built between them and that person, which is important for any relationship, especially a friendship.

Therefore, anytime you see an opportunity to offer something, take it. It could be as simple as a pen or it could be as big as a ride. Nothings too small. If they need something, whatever they receive to fill that need is valuable.

Step 6: Strike Up A Conversation

Kids don 't have much of a filter, so they will instantly start talking about all things under the sun when they meet another kid. They will talk about personal things, dumb things, and seemingly important things. It doesn 't really matter because kids don 't judge too much as stupid, so all topics are on the table to form a friendship.

Adults need to be a little more careful when it comes to how to make friends. You can 't delve into your personal life because you don 't have that type of bond yet. You can 't talk about something stupid, because that will make you look stupid, which will be a turn off. But, you can talk about seemingly important things.

For instance, if you are in a class together, you can talk about the class and any struggles you are having in it. This will help you start to open up to…

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