Stem Cells Vs Stem Cell

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The majority of the population once in a while like to enjoy a burger and each of us, have our own preference of the meat, toppings and fast food chain. Well what if your next burger was not from your typical cow in a paddock, but one which had been scientifically grown in a test tube in a lab over three months? This new burger choice may be on your next fast food chain menu sometime soon, but it won’t be on the dollar menu as currently one serving is priced at about $385,000.
This new alternative of meat is made possible from stem cells; stem cells contain all active DNA, making them an important and fascinating part of living life, they can also self-renew to make more stem cells or differentiate into specialised cell types. Similar to adult stem cells are embryonic stem cells that grow from cells in the embryo when it’s just a few days old. Adult stem cells are found in many specialities from, skin, fat and other connective tissue, bone marrow and blood, hair follicles and the brain. The primary difference between the two stem cell types is that embryonic cells can differentiate into any cell type whilst adult stem cells have limitations of specialised cells.
The process of creating a stem cell burger begins with a sample of tissue from the animal’s muscle being extracted; from there the stem cells are removed from the tissue in a
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Just like I came to my own conclusion about the idea, others need to for themselves. To help form a decision, understanding as much information as possible is helpful and thinking about own morals could be a turning point in the decision. Information is often one sided even if the article communicates both viewpoints, recognizing this when researching can also refocus attention to your own point of view, as it is ultimately your choice in your support or are against the

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