Essay on Stem Cell Therapy ( Sharon Begley )

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Wouldn 't it be amazing if stem cells could fix a bad knee, hip or any bad joints? Well they can. Stem cell therapy is now an alternative to joint replacement. Stem cells can fix bad joints and there is no surgery involved at all. The recovery time is outstanding also. It is amazing that stem cells are able to preform this kind of miracle. If there is a bad joint of any kind, stem cells can repair the damaged area. It requires very little work and very little recovery time. Stem cell therapy is now an alternative to joint replacement (Sharon Begley). The process of stem cell therapy is very simple and easy for the person that is receiving the treatment (Sharon Begley). Cells from the bone marrow are siphoned off and injected into the arthritic joint (Sharon Begley). Stem cells can differentiate into bone, tendon, cartilage, fat, and muscle cells (Sharon Begley). That is a lot of cells that can be fixed just from stem cell therapy (Sharon Begley). Once the cells are injected into the bad joint, the cell produces one such specialized cell and another stem cell every time they divide (Sharon Begley). Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) are produced in the bone and fat tissue of adults (Sharon Begley). MSC inhibits the rate of inflammation (Sharon Begley). MSC also homes to the sites of injury (Sharon Begley). When there is an injury the MSC goes directly to that injury (Sharon Begley).

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