Essay about Stem Cell Therapy For Medical Application

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A stem cell is simply a cell capable of developing into any other type of cell. It is a biological foundation that hasn’t specialized itself for a specific purpose, however can easily do so for different functions within the body. The cell can be totipotent (able to develop into an organism), pluripotent (able to form tissues of an organism)or multipotent specialized for a certain tissues e.g. blood).
Whilst stem cells are mainly known for coming from embryos, there are a wide variety of other sources from which they come, including the bone marrow, placenta, teeth, amniotic fluid and umbilical cord blood, arguably the largest and best source of these cells. Looking into the future, scientists have predicted great change for medicine due to the development of usage of stem cells in medical application. Already being used to treat more than 80 diseases and several other conditions, stem cells also facilitate transplants and test new medications to get a better understanding of how they will affect the body. Stem cell therapy itself will be able to repair organs and tissue in the years to come.

Ethical concerns with stem cell research is the only thing halting the progression of development in stem cell research. The main problem stems from embryonic stem cells not being able to be formed without the killing of a few embryos, at the very least. Dr. Daniel Wikler, senior staff ethicist, says that killing any such being can never be justified, even for the benefit of someone…

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