Stem Cell Research : Stem Cells Essay

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Stem Cell Research
Over the past two decades, the topic of Stem Cell Research has been controversial. Stem cells are the building block of the human body. Adult stem cells job is to replenish their particular type of tissue. These cells are generally multipotent meaning they can develop into more than one cell and do not generate cell types other than themselves; for example, liver stem cells do not create brain cells. The other type of stem cell is known as embryonic stem cells; these are cells come from three to five day old embryos that are created for fertilization treatments, They are pluripotent, meaning they can allow development of cell in the body and generate any type of cell. Scientists started in 1998 to derive stem cells from human embryos that started this debate that continues to this day. Today they have gotten to the point of injecting stem cells into spinal cords to help people whom are paralyze to walk again and that is just some of the many innovations they have discovered with stem cells. However people are against this research since the cells of the embryonic stem cell researchers derived from human embryos, in other words comparing the destruction of an embryo to an abortion and some argue, “scientists should not mess with human’s life.” They possibly could not realize that these stem cells could be saving their own life someday. We need to sustain stem cell research so it could be moving significant advances in modern medicine today with…

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