Stem Cell Research And Government Funding Essay

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Stem Cell Research and Government Funding: Separate the Church and State

Throughout history, religious beliefs have always had an influence on science, medicine, and politics. In the 1600s, Galileo was tried and imprisoned by the Roman Catholic Church as a heretic for promoting Heliocentrism (the idea that the earth revolves around the sun).He died under imprisonment. Jehovah 's Witnesses believe that their Bible prohibits accepting blood transfusions. Until recently, Jehovah 's Witnesses were also prohibited from receiving organ transplants. For those who do not share these religious beliefs, there is sorrow at what seems to be needless death. Religious beliefs have also affected politics for centuries. Previously, The Bible had been used to shape legislation that prohibited abortion, inter-racial marriage, and even a woman’s right to vote. This religious influence is currently at play with the issue of Government funding for stem cell research. One of the most promising medical advances of our time is being hindered solely on religious grounds- even as scientists and laymen alike look to stem cell research to cure our most debilitating diseases. While it is important to respect our various religious beliefs when making public policy, we cannot allow them to control how the Government funds scientific medical research.

On August 9, 2001, President George Bush signed policy that limited government funding for stem cell research to only 60 currently established…

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