Stem Cell Research : A Global Topic Within The Science Community

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Stem cell research is a global topic within the science community. There have been numerous discoveries in this field worldwide, and these findings have many scientists jubilant about the possible future implications. Most of the research is associated with the topic of cloning. In the scientific community, the term cloning is broken down into two categories: Therapeutic and Reproductive. In Therapeutic Cloning, the nucleus of an unfertilized egg is removed and replaced via injection with the nucleus of a somatic cell, or any body cell. This technique is called Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer, or SCNT. Then, scientists use electricity or a source of stimuli to help the newly formed embryonic cell start its dividing process. After allowing the cell, or now cells, to divide for around 4-5 days, the embryonic stem cells can be separated and removed to create multiple embryonic stem cell lines, all sharing the same exact DNA makeup of the original (Therapeutic Cloning). These cell lines can then be used to replace damaged or missing structures of the host, as scientists can use special stimuli to induce a selective-differentiation of the stem cells. On the other hand, reproductive cloning is more synonymous with the way in most of society views cloning. In this type of cloning, the same SCNT technique is used to create the cloned embryo; but, instead of keeping the embryo in the cultured dish with plans to remove the cells, the embryo is actually placed inside of a woman’s uterus,…

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