Stem Cell Biology : A Growing Discipline Throughout The Last 20 Years

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Stem Cell biology is a growing discipline throughout the last 20 years. Even though the science and technology of stem cell development is still in its infancy, it is a substantial and powerful medical advancement. Stem cells can be defined as cells that are able to re-new and differentiate into other cells more specialised cells that take on specific roles inside the body (Melton, D, 2014). Stem cells are undifferentiated at first and are a preferred contestant for tissue and organ regeneration and recovery. Their unique ability as described by Okarma (2001) is ”their ability to divide asynchronously into one differentiated daughter cell and one stem cell”. When cells die they need to be replenished so the body can continue to live (Melton, D, 2014). Millions of blood cells are created every day and are generated by stems cells. These stem cells originate from the bone marrow and the blood, making these stem cell up into different specialised cells. These types of cells are called Hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs). These particular cells can be harvested from bone marrow and blood cells. Ranging from the skin, muscle and to even brain tissue.(Morrison, S et al, 1995) Even though they have the ability to self-renew, it is only for a limited time, HSCs also cannot turn into any or all specialised cells, these are known as multipotent cells. Embryonic Stem cells (hES cells) play a more important and crucial role as they are very diversifiable and can change into almost any type…

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