Essay on Staying Away From Smoking And Junk Food

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stayed healthy and fit; while staying away from smoking and junk food. Additionally, playing sports had improved better learning skills and better performance in the classroom.
Soccer is a very agile and quick-paced game. You have to constantly be thinking about your next move. The second you lose focus, you can either find yourself lying battered on the grass or desperately running back to recover the ball. And that never changes, no matter where you play. Whenever I am on the field, my thigh muscles ache and my ankles feel sore from prolonged running. However, my mind is liberated from the constant worries that fill my day. I am able to relax and focus solely on my responsibilities as a center midfielder. Thus, I perceive soccer not so much as a physical game, but as a strategic one where the creative, ingenious players tend to be the ones who leave the field victorious. I 've played soccer in three different states in the span of thirteen years. Along the way, I 've made just as many friends as I have rivals. In addition, I 've had to deal with unjust coaches whose views have greatly conflicted with mine. Throughout my soccer experiences i have been influences and it has shaped me into the person I am today. I’ve learned valuable lessons and characteristics that will be instilled in me forever. Also, years of involvement in team athletics have also contributed to shaping my career path. Engaging in soccer throughout my life, has taught me many important lessons: the value…

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