Stay By Sara Bareilles Analysis

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Stay: Sara Bareilles I was raised by my grandmother, who spend an immense amount of time listening to me play the piano in our living room. Since the time I entered high school, Sara Bareilles has been my most listened to, piano played, and prefered musical artist. Bareilles’ song “stay” released in 2012 continues to be the most prominently meaningful, and produces the strongest emotional response compared to any other song, lyrical or otherwise. Not surprisingly, a great deal of the time my grandmother spent listening to me play, was listening to me play the song “stay”, which quickly became one of her favorite songs as well. It became routine that my grandmother, regardless of emotional state, would ask me to sing “the song”, meaning play and sing “stay”. Her final request for the song was in the hospital, right before she …show more content…
Mikutta suggests that the strongest emotion responses to music are going to be elicited from event specific autobiographical memories. If asked to describe this event, I would be able to provide an infinite amount of details, most of which would be internal details. These internal details are characteristic of perceptual experiences. The intense emotional response to “stay” is a result the colossal amount of internal details extracted from the memory associated with the song. If I were able to evoke only or mostly external details, my emotional association with the song would be much less severe. If I did not have the event specific event that I have associated with the song, my emotional response would likely not be as strong as it is. Consequently, having both event specific and gener event autobiographical memories likely makes my emotional response to the associated memories stronger than those which would be elicited to just one type of autobiographical

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