Stay at Home Moms vs. Working Moms Essay

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Elisha Romine English 101 March 13, 2011 Staying at Home Mom vs. Working Mom Many women have careers before they began their family. But once the first child arrives, it is time to decide whether to be a stay-at-home mom or to go back to work. There are many factors that go into this decision and it is different for every family. Making a decision to stay at home with the children or join the workforce can be a difficult process. I have

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I can give my children the time they deserve instead of cramming in time here and there. It is true that raising children can be stressful, but mothers who stay at home have less stress upon them than the working moms.
Probably one of the biggest factors helping to decide if a parent should stay at home with the children is whether it is economically feasible. In many small ways, my being at home enables us to live on less (which means we have less income). Because I am at home, I have the time to keep track of our finances month-to-month and put together a detailed shopping list which helps keep our grocery bill to a minimum. Transportation expenses also often drops for stay-at-home moms. This can also decrease the premiums of auto insurance. A benefit of staying at home has the ability to save on or even eliminate the cost of child care. One of the most easily forgotten factors is taxes will decrease with the loss of that second income. After all, the decrease in taxes is not only in terms of dollars but also in the tax bracket. A stay-at-home mom eats out less often on average. Also the amount a stay-at-home mom spends on clothing generally goes down significantly. There is little need for a stay-at home mom to constantly buy new clothing. When a mother decides to stay-at-home, she can cut the hidden cost of work funds.
Stay-at-home parenting is a full time occupation and definitely not and easy one. For my
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