Status and Communication Essay

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Status, Choice of Communication Channels, Quality of Communication
The main idea of Chapter 11, Power and Status, is that power and status can affect the communication and behavior of the employees in the company. Status is a person’s role or position within a group or an organization and it can be earned or awarded to us by our position in the organization. As a matter of fact, there is a connection between communication and status. For instance, as the perceived status differential increases between supervisors and subordinates, the quality of communication decreases. In other words, as the status differences go up, communication goes down, vice versa.

In our point of view, the choice of communication channel is one of
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So it is easy for us to find out how they choose the communication channels.

We chose three senior and three junior staff members at different levels of the department. They come from two departments, which are hotline and concierge. We chose both senior and junior staff as our interviewees since we want to investigate the relationship between statuses and choose of communication channels. With these interviewees, we can obtain different perspective from different status and attitudes towards the choice of communication channels.

Gender Age Position and length in the organization
Kenny Yung M 33 Manager of hotline
12 years
Abe Wong F 28 Manager of concierge 8 years
Krista Lam F 27 Manager of concierge
7 years
Michael Wong M 23 Hotline staff
3 years
Samantha Wong F 24 Hotline staff
2 years
Darren Chu M 25 Hotline staff
1 years

The interviewees come from hotline and concierge departments of Premier Plus. Since employees in these two departments need communicate within or across the departments extensively. It is inevitable for them to choose different communication channels and use to communicate with people with different status. Therefore, they are good choice for us to interview.

We asked senior staff and junior staff to answer four and three questions respectively.
For senior staff:
1. How do you communicate with boss/subordinate? Is there

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